PKF Note- & Sketchbook

Feature-rich and 100% enviromental-friendly!

With premium quality paper, a pen-/pencil-holder
an absolute flat surface (no gab inbetween pages)
and a few more hidden gimmicks.

A6-Format | 25 Sheets (50 Pages) | inkl. Pencil



Cover (closed state)

110 x 151 x 10mm (l x h x w)

Block (closed state)

95 x 149 x 10mm (l x h x w)


C-LOCK Closing System™

The unique and patented “C LOCK Closure” is easy to use and efficiently protects the pages from wearing out. No magnets, no rubber bands, no velcro fastener or any other non-environmental-friendly materials are used to manufacture this book.


Pen- and Pencil- Holder

The cover comprises a pen- or pencil- holder, that can be used ether way.


BUBU Flatbook™

A BUBU Flatbook – a premium book block from the Swiss book binder Bubu AG – has no gap in between the pages and is absolutly flat. This allows the use of the pages over the whole area, in A5-Format (double page) and in portrait or landscape orientation.


The book cover and the assembling of the book is made by hand. So each piece is a master piece and a true uniquat!


100% Environmental-Friendly

No rubber bands, no velcro fasteners and no magnets are used to manufacture this pkf note- & sketchbook. We stictly only use FSC-certified paper from trusted sources. The adhesive used is on whater basis and therefore no harm to humans and nature.

In a result of using only sustainable and eco-friendly material from trusted suppliers our books are 100% environmental-friendly, right down to the bone!


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