what we do

Paper kung fu – the young Zurich creative workshop with local production facilities – creates, produces and distributes unique stationery articles.

With a lot of dedication and passion, paper kung fu does everything to create masterful pieces of artwork made of paper, which in terms of look and feel stand out from conventional office and scholar supplies in an elegant and sensual way.

Aloso when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility paper kung fu sets its own standards, and strives to exceed expectations and goals in partnership with Swiss companies. With a lot of dedication, attentiveness and open communication, these increasingly important virtues are intensified together in mutual collaboration and thus flow into every single product and service.

As an international licensee of the worldwide patented C-LOCK Closing SystemTM (for all kinds of stationery needs and also for protective covers for e-books, tablets and smartphones), paper kung fu will gradually expand and constantly extend its exclusive range. The demanding clientele can therefore look forward to further useful stationery supplies from paper kung fus think tank.

In addition to the unique range of paper products, paper kung fu also offers its craftsmanship and wealth of ideas for bookbinding, packaging and print jobs.

The close cooperation with renowned Swiss companies enables a speedy processing with a low ecological footprint, whereby the customer benefits from having one single contact person who understands the requirements and needs of the client and also masters the technical jargon of the respective craft. This ensures that all desirable quality features and the best Swiss quality are always achieved, both for one-off productions and for large runs.

who we are

what is our philosophy

In Chinese, the term “Kung Fu” means mastering a skill that has been acquired and internalized through hard and continuous effort.

Bringing our craftsmanship to mastery is exactly the philosophy behind paper kung fu: We pursue our craft with the utmost care, dedication and passion, so that at the end our customers can hold in their hands a product that is a master of its trade in terms of quality, design and handling.

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