Our Commitment

We are facing the fact that, no matter how good your virtues and ambitions are to care for a healthy world, it is hard if not impossible to stay 100% clean throughout your doing and being. Economy nowadays has reached a speed, that sacrifices are to be taken into consideration.
If you try to step out of the world around you, you will hardly be heard. But we know there are very different approaches to this challenge.

Social Engagement

We collaborate together with institutions and organisations providing adequate jobsĀ under good working conditionsĀ to the less fortunate among us. We strive to provide pleasant jobs.

Charity Contributions

Besides those partner-institutions we also plan to support initiatives, that work in the field of education, peace work and culture in general.

How you are invovled

Ordering our products and services, you become involved in the drafted projects and this will be seen and appreciated by the people you want to reach.